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Birmingham Council House

Birmingham Council HouseCASE STUDY

Birmingham City Council engaged Redvers Hocken Associates to act as security consultants when they required a security review of the existing CCTV, Access Control and other security measures within Birmingham's Council House.

The Council House is one of the most prestigious buildings at the centre of the City of Birmingham. It is the seat of local government in Birmingham and accommodates a work force in the order of hundreds, as well as the Councillors, local dignitaries and visitors. Being a high profile establishment and at risk of attack the Council instructed that a security survey of the Council House building was required together with any recommendations to make the building more secure.

Redvers Hocken Associates was awarded the contract to formally undertake a security review of the building and its environs and to investigate the requirements for both CCTV and access control systems. In addition, the risks to people, premises and property were to be assessed and taking into account the existing systems consider what further measures would be required. Staff and the Council Members were consulted and specific needs and expectations discussed.

A feasibility report was submitted containing a preliminary design and solutions to meet the operational requirements of the Council House security needs and to raise the awareness of all staff and visitors to security within the building and the consequences of its failure.

In summary, RHA's proposed solutions:

  • restricted admission only to personnel having a bona fide need to access the building,
  • deterred criminal activity by monitoring key points of access to the building using CCTV where risks were considered greatest,
  • improved physical security measures to the premises where it was found to be inefficient. 

The installation of alarms and asset tagging were also included within the recommendations.

Consequently RHA was commissioned to provide a specification for the works, oversee the tender process to select a suitable contractor and then project managed the implementation of the recommendations to the Clients' complete satisfaction on time and on budget.