Case Study - Tir-y-Berth Control Room

The Challenge

Tir-y-Berth Control RoomThe existing control room at Tir-y-Berth, monitoring, controlling and recording 38 cameras was installed in 1998. Due to considerable expansion it was deemed necessary to relocate to a new control room in the building adjacent to the existing one as in order to fulfil operation requirements, a control room with four times the capacity of the existing one was needed. Caerphilly County Borough Council engaged Redvers Hocken Associates to develop a feasibility study, along with a detailed technical design and specification for the new control room implementation.

The Solution

On approval of the design and budgetary costs a detailed specification was drawn up and the works put to tender.

A new communications room was set up in the room adjacent to the new control room and in order to cater for future expansion a video matrix upgrade and additional network expander were added. New equipment racks were fitted to accommodate additional equipment and allow the existing equipment to be utilised.

In order to be cost effect, the existing playback station was re-utilised and all the existing CCTV equipment was refitted into the new control room from the existing control console and refitted alongside new equipment such as spot monitors into a new control console. A new 4 station control console was installed together with a new monitor rack.

To provide for future expansion the existing matrix was upgraded to a matrix three times the size of the original. Two further keyboards were added to the new console which also housed existing barrier controls and radio equipment. Where possible original equipment was flush mounted into the console.

A new monitor rack was supplied and fitted with the existing and new monitors. Analogue recording is presently being used. We are now designing a digital solution for this financial year.

The control room was ergonomically fitted and furnished to PSDB standards.

The key to the success of the project was down to careful planning and detail, minimising any downtime.