Tender Process

Once the budgetary costs and proposed system have been approved following the feasibility study, and any amendments agreed upon, RHA will then produce a detailed specification to be incorporated into the tender documentation. This will include specific technology to be employed as well as finalised details of method of communication and control.

Detailed plans drawn to scale will be produced identifying equipment positions, fixings and cable routes to a standard sufficient to enabling negotiation of any licenses or planning permissions if necessary.

A list of approved contractors will then be drawn up and agreed upon between RHA and the client.

RHA will then assist in the production of tender documentation complete with the detailed specification and enclosures for the system and its maintenance. Once the documentation has been approved and dates agreed upon for tender returns and a programme of works, this can then be issued to the list of approved contractors.

All tender returns will then be checked by RHA for errors and variations. A complete evaluation of the returns will then be completed and a report issued to the client with recommendations on how to proceed with installation of the system.

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