From Concept to Reality

When developing a security solution there are several stages that Redvers Hocken Associates see as essential in taking such a solution from a concept to an effective reality:

Feasibility Study

Once the brief has been agreed upon and Redvers Hocken Associates have been engaged, RHA would arrange consultations with the appropriate parties to assess your needs. Once the Operational Requirement of the security solution to be implemented has been established, surveys would be undertakend to assess the sites characteristics. RHA would then report to you with the survey findings and design a solution to meet your needs which would include full budgetary costings

Technical Drawings

You will receive your design superbly illustrated in colour using the latest CAD systems. Our computer systems allow amendments and updating of designs at an instant to suit your requirements. All drawings are scaled and are appropriate for obtaining planning permission, wayleaves and agreements. Site features will be captured by digital photography.

Specification and Tender Process

When undertaking a detailed design we specify precisely the equipment which will be employed to realize the most cost effective solution. With our technical expertise we can compile a system tailored to satisfy your true needs. This is possible because we scan the world for the latest security equipment advances and constantly update our database of products available. We carry out our own stringent technical evaluation of products.

The precision and detail used in developing such a specification ensures you will receive pricing from installation contractors on a like-for-like basis, making returns very competitive

Project Management to Completion

When we manage the installation of your security system you can be assured of a working system delivered to a realistic programme. On your behalf we coordinate works on site, oversee the installation and fully commission the system. Only when you and we are satisfied with the quality of the work, will completion of a stage, or overall project, be certified and payments authorised.

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> Technical Drawings
> Tender Process
> Project Management