RHA Mission Statement

  • To provide an independent consultancy service to satisfy clients' security needs using physical and electronic solutions, totally independent of manufacturers or contractors.
  • To specify security solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements for each location
  • To employ, where appropriate, cost effective, state of the art technology and equipment to achieve a high quality working system
  • Our aim is to offer continuing support to clients as their security systems evolve

Business Concept

Key technology

  • Electronic control of equipment for surveillance, access control, and monitoring of events.
  • Production of images of evidential quality.
  • Cost effective communications between equipment sites and monitoring and recording locations using radio, fibre or IP networks or any combination.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Intelligent CCTV Solutions


  • RHA provides the technical expertise for the client to be able to purchase high quality, integrated security solutions with reassurance and competitive pricing.